Hotel DynamicWellnessSauna and jacuzzi

Sauna and jacuzzi

Hotel DYNAMIC *** Sauna and jacuzzi Hotel DYNAMIC *** Sauna and jacuzzi

Finnish sauna

Temperature 90 ° C - 105 ° C, dry sauna. Sauna calms and relaxes. The body gets rid of waste products. Sauna bathing ensure good blood circulation of the brain, limbs, skin. Supports the immune system. Sauning relieves your fatigue and also have beneficial effects in inflammation and respiratory allergies.

Infrared sauna

Temperature 50 ° C - 60 ° C. Infrared light penetrates deep into the skin, increasing blood circulation and has a beneficial effect in the treatment of rheumatism, asthma. It helps in breaking down cellulite, reducing weight and also for sore joints and muscles. Expels toxins from the body.

Sauna and jacuzzi


Temperature 37 ° C - 38 ° C. Hot tubs have a positive impact to the physical as well as mental aspects of your body. With the assistance of heat, massage and preasure , it improves blood circulation of the skin, stimulate metabolism, boost the immune system, detoxification, weight loss, decreased cellulite. Assist in rheumatic diseases, it releases muscle condition and prevent muscle strain. Last but not least, it regulates blood pressure and help maintain optimal blood sugar levels for diabetics.

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