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130 g Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes and basil 2,60 €
90 g Gently roasted asparagus in bacon jacket with dill sauce 2,70 €


0,33 l Chicken soup with noodles 1,80 €
0,33 l Tomato soup with grilled cherry tomatoes and parmesan 2,50 €
0,33 l Potato creamy soup with mushrooms 2,70 €


150 g Chicken medallions on grilled vegetables with natural reduction 5,90 €
150 g Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil served with herb cream sauce and homemade  american potatoes 6,20 €
150g Pork tenderloin stuffed with plums on the walnut cream with rice 6,60 €
150g Juicy pork medallions with chilli and honey sauce served with roasted potatoes 6,70 €
150g Pork steak with bacon chips,  mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes 8,30 €
150g Salmon steak served with roasted potatoes on almond wine  cherry tomatoes 9,10 €
200 g Beef steak with traditional pepper sauce on shuffling potatoes 14,70 €


200 g Spinach Gnocchi with the blue cheese sauce 3,80 €
300 g Penne pasta with chicken and tomato sauce 4,50 €
250g Mushroom creamy risotto with rocket salad   4,90 €


250 g Vegetable salad with grilled chicken and yogurt dip served with toast 4,60 €
250 g A mixture of lettuce served with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and red pepper 4,95 €


120 g Hot forest mix of  fruits with ice cream 2,20 €
200 g Pancakes with Nutella, whipped cream and fruit 2,40 €
120 g Strawberries in fine cream 2,90 €

Specified foods may contain the following allergens:

1 Cereals containing gluten ( wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut) and articles thereof, 2 crustaceans and products made of them,
3 eggs and egg products, 4 fish and fish products, 5 peanuts and peanuts products, 6th soy and soy products, 7 milk and milk products,
8 nuts and nut products, 9 celery and celery products, 10.mustard and mustard products, 11 sesame seeds and products made od sesame seeds, 12 sulfur dioxide and sulphites (a concentration more than 10 mg / kg or 10 mg / l, dried fruit, fruit preserves, potato products)

Responsible chef: Jakub Lukačovič

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